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About IGR - Abstract


To provide information on Glaucoma


IGR is intended for members of glaucoma societies throughout the world.


Three-monthly publication of a critical review - the Editors Selection - and classified abstracts of all glaucoma literature; in addition: reports, meeting announcements, comments, views, your special attention for paragraph etc..
Main outcome measure:

  1. Increased availability and knowledge of glaucoma literature.
  2. Cooperation and reporting of world Glaucoma Societies
  3. Information on what goes on in glaucoma


Abstracts, editors selection, announcements, reports, reviews, opinions for every glaucomatologist member of a Glaucoma Society.


Concise and unique information on glaucoma literature, comments by experts, data on activities of Glaucoma Societies.

IGR and Association of International Glaucoma Societies (WGA)

IGR is the journal for the Association of International Glaucoma Societies (WGA). The WGA is an independent, impartial, ethical global organisation for glaucoma science and care. More information about the WGA can be found at their website:

IGR expects to provide

  1. Increased awareness of the activities of fellow Glaucoma Societies by means of co-operation and reporting.
  2. Efficient and easy availability, three times per year, of virtually all glaucoma literature world-wide, with a critical review of selected papers.

The uniqueness of IGR is its attempted completeness, its classification, and the Editor’s Selection. IGR has the most complete collection of abstracts from the glaucoma literature which are otherwise not available, certainly not within the same time span. It is the only journal that presents a three-monthly critical review of selected glaucoma literature.

Furthermore IGR-expert contains announcements and reports from the Glaucoma Societies involved.

The names of the members of the executive committees of the societies and the addresses of the secretaries appear in the opening pages of the journal. Each Glaucoma Society has a representative on the Editorial Board, the Society Editor, who is responsible for announcements and reports, and for any other information concerning the societies.

IGR has an Editorial Board of top glaucomatologists.

IGR provides

  • Classified (over 120 headings) abstracts of papers on glaucoma. (approximately 1200 abstracts per year).
  • Editors selection: critical review of the most interesting 10% of papers on glaucoma by experts in the field
  • News Flashes
  • WGA-Award
  • Announcements and reports from Glaucoma Societies throughout the world
  • Special comments by experts
  • and sometimes reproductions of exciting full papers, meeting reports, interviews, opinions, hypotheses, reviews and anything else considered of interest to the membership of the Glaucoma Societies.

How to get the most out of IGR

With the multitude and variety of publications it seems almost impossible for the ophthalmologist to intelligently read all the relevant subspecialty literature. Even the dedicated glaucomatologist may have difficulty to absorb 1200 yearly publications concerning his/her favorite subject. A solution to this confusing situation may be a critical selection and review of the world literature

IGR uses a four level system; from most elaborate (1) to selected one-liners (4):

LEVEL 1: 1200 ABSTRACTS taken from glaucoma publications, reports etc.
LEVEL 2: EDITOR'S SELECTION: critical review of 10% of the most interesting and relevant abstracts
LEVEL 3: HIGHLIGHTS of the 'Editor's Selection in RED
LEVEL 4: 'NEWS FLASH' super selected one-liners

The reader with chronic shortage of time may choose to look at the 'News Flashes' and select points of interest, then turn to the relevant part of the 'Editor's Selection' or the various reports. In need of further details, he may read the actual abstract(s).

The reader with some more time may find reading the 'Editors Selection' most informative and can form his opinion by looking at the related abstracts