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Dr. Robert N. Weinreb
Chief Editor

I welcome you to the International Glaucoma Review (IGR) online.

As usual, the IGR will provide you with high quality glaucoma content including the Comments in the Editor’s Selection, the Dialogue, Opinion, and news from the WGA, meeting reports, etc. With this new format, you will be able to quickly navigate the content online and obtain the information that is of interest. If desired, you also will be able to obtain more details via direct links (articles, abstracts, database, etc.).

WGA Surgical Grand Rounds

World-renowned glaucoma specialists share how they approach surgical challenges.
The World Glaucoma Association is launching a new series of webinars focused on surgical challenges that glaucoma specialists are likely to face: WGA Surgical Grand Rounds. Each 1-hour webinar will feature two scenarios of surgical challenges or complications. After each presentation, the speaker will join an expert panel for a brief discussion and answer questions related to the presentation. Get ready for state-of-the-art surgery videos and discussions from the world’s most skilful glaucoma surgeons! Register now!

WGC 2021

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