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LVPEI Glaucoma Epidemiology and Molecular Genetic Study: teleophthalmology screening for angle-closure disease in an underserved region

Choudhari NS; Chandran P; Rao HL; Jonnadula GB; Addepalli UK; Senthil S; Garudadri CS
Eye 2019; 0:

OBJECTIVES: To assess the ability of teleophthalmoscopic grading of peripheral anterior chamber depth (PACD) using the van Herick (vH) technique in detecting gonioscopically occludable angle; and to determine whether combining results from vH grading and ocular biometry can improve the accuracy to diagnose gonioscopically occludable angle METHODS: This cross-sectional study was an offshoot of a rural population-based study, Glaucoma Epidemiology and Molecular Genetic Study (GLEAMS). A masked urban ophthalmologist graded digital slit lamp photographs of PACD by vH technique. Sussman four-mirror lens was used to perform dark room indentation gonioscopy. Cutoff values of the tests were, vH technique: grade ≤ 2, central anterior chamber depth (ACD), as well as axial length: ≤ 25th percentile and lens thickness ≥ 75th percentile value of the study population. RESULTS: We studied 1965 eyes of 1029 adult participants. The vH grade was ≤2 in 188 (9.5%) eyes. The angle was occludable by gonioscopy in 101 (5.1%) eyes. The performance of the vH test to rule out gonioscopically occludable angle was good [negative predictive value (NPV): 97.3%], despite low sensitivity (52.5%), while its efficacy to rule in the condition was low [positive predictive value (PPV): 28.2%] despite high specificity (92.8%). However, test combination strategy increased the PPV nearly twofold (53.8%). The calculated PPV at 10% prevalence of gonioscopically occludable angle was even higher (70.5%). CONCLUSIONS: Van Herick technique can be incorporated into a teleophthalmology program by means of slit lamp photographs of PACD. Combined vH grading and ocular biometry improved the predictability of a gonioscopically occludable angle.

VST Glaucoma Center, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy campus, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.

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