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Rebound Self-tonometry Acquisition Time and Ease of Use Evaluated by Newly Trained Optometry Students and Optometrists

Hyatt R; Furtado NM; Eberle D; Jensen K; Tsang T; Kwan J
Optometry and Vision Science 2020; 97: 94-100

SIGNIFICANCE: Peak IOP and IOP fluctuations have been implicated as risk factors for glaucoma progression. Peak 24-hour IOP can be significantly higher than in-office measurements. Icare HOME could be a useful adjunct in glaucoma management if positively appraised by individuals familiar with eye care. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to measure the time needed for a nonclinical convenience sample of optometry students and optometrists to self-measure IOP using Icare HOME and to determine their perceptions of rebound self-tonometry. METHODS: A total of 234 subjects were enrolled, with 226 (97%) having a complete data set. Self-measurement was performed on the study eye using Icare HOME while seated and without contact lenses. Examiners self-measured IOP while subjects observed; examiners then measured subjects' IOP. Subjects then completed self-measurement while timed. Only one attempt was allowed. Time and study eye were recorded, and subjects completed a short survey. Descriptive statistics were conducted. RESULTS: Mean ± standard deviation age was 34.6 ± 13.3 years (58.3% female, 52.3% contact lens wearers). Test time ranged from 3 to 366 seconds, with 38% able to self-measure in 10 seconds or less, 74% in 60 seconds or less, and 92.8% in 120 seconds or less; 5.8% were unable to self-measure IOP. There was no significant correlation between test time and age (r = -0.03, P = .67). The device was reported to be easy or very easy to use by 69.7% of subjects and comfortable or very comfortable by 90.4% of subjects. After the study, 89.1% of subjects perceived that rebound self-tonometry has a role in the management of patients with glaucoma and suspicion of glaucoma. CONCLUSIONS: The majority of neophyte subjects perceived self-measurement of IOP as having a role in the management of glaucoma and suspicion of glaucoma. They rated Icare HOME as comfortable and easy to use and were able to self-measure IOP on the first attempt.

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