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RETeval Portable Electroretinogram Parameters in Different Severity Stages of Glaucoma

Kita Y; Holló G; Saito T; Momota Y; Kita R; Tsunoda K; Hirakata A
Journal of Glaucoma 2020; 29: 572-580

: PRéCIS: Four parameters of the noninvasive, portable RETeval electroretinogram (ERG) system were found to correlate with visual field mean deviation and optical coherence tomography (OCT) thickness parameters, and may therefore be suitable for glaucoma detection. PURPOSE: To investigate the RETeval full-field ERG parameters for accuracy of separating glaucoma and normal eyes, and correlation with glaucoma severity. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Sixty-two eyes of 62 primary open-angle glaucoma patients [visual field mean deviation (MD) range: -0.44 to -31.15 dB] and 39 eyes of 39 healthy controls underwent one RETeval test (photopic negative response protocol), OCT imaging, and Humphrey 30-2 visual field testing. The glaucoma patients were divided into early (MD≥-6dB, n=33) and moderate-to-advanced (MD<-6 dB, n=29) groups. RESULTS: Significant correlations were found between the best-performing 4 RETeval ERG parameters and the glaucoma severity measures (MD and OCT thickness parameters) for all eyes, all glaucoma eyes and the moderate-to-advanced glaucoma eyes [photopic negative response amplitude at 72 ms (PhNR 72) and MD: r=-0.333, -0.414, and -0.485, respectively, P≤0.008; PhNR 72 and average circumpapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness; r=-0.429, -0.450, and -0.542, respectively, P≤0.002]. Except for P-ratio, there was no significant difference between the area under the receiver-operating characteristic (AUROC) values of the OCT thickness parameters (range: 0.927 to 0.938) and the 4 best-performing RETeval ERG parameters (range: 0.839 to 0.905) in the early glaucoma versus control separation. For differentiating the control and the moderate-to-advanced glaucoma eyes, the AUROC values of the 4 best-performing RETeval ERG parameters ranged between 0.924 and 0.958, and no significant difference was found between them and those of the OCT parameters. CONCLUSIONS: The noninvasive, portable RETeval full-field ERG device may be useful to detect glaucoma in moderate-to-advanced stages.

Department of Ophthalmology, Kyorin University School of Medicine.

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