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Global assessment of arteriolar, venular and capillary changes in normal tension glaucoma

Lin TPH; Lin TPH; Wang YM; Ho K; Wong CYK; Chan PP; Wong MOM; Wong MOM; Chan NCY; Tang F; Lam A; Leung DYL; Wong TY; Cheng CY; Cheung CY; Tham CC
Scientific reports 2020; 10: 19222

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Microcirculatory insufficiency has been hypothesized in glaucoma pathogenesis. There is a scarcity of data to comprehensively examine the changes in retinal microvasculature and its role in normal tension glaucoma (NTG). We conducted a cross-sectional case-control study and included 168 eyes from 100 NTG patients and 68 healthy subjects. Quantitative retinal arteriolar and venular metrics were measured from retinal photographs using a computer-assisted program. Radial peripapillary capillary network was imaged with OCT-A and quantitative capillary metrics (circumpapillary vessel density (cpVD) and circumpapillary fractal dimension (cpFD)) were measured with a customized MATLAB program. We found that NTG was associated with decreased arteriolar and venular tortuosity, arteriolar branching angle, cpVD and cpFD. Decreased venular caliber, arteriolar and venular branching angles, cpVD and cpFD were associated with thinner average RNFL thickness. Decreased arteriolar and venular branching angles, cpVD and cpFD were also associated with worse standard automated perimetry measurements (mean deviation and visual field index). Compared with retinal arteriolar and venular metrics, regression models based on OCT-A capillary metrics consistently showed stronger associations with NTG and structural and functional measurements in NTG. We concluded that NTG eyes showed generalized microvascular attenuations, in which OCT-A capillary metrics attenuations were more prominent and strongly associated with NTG.

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.

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