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Canaloplasty in Pigmentary Glaucoma: Long-Term Outcomes and Proposal of a New Hypothesis on Its Intraocular Pressure Lowering Mechanism

Brusini P; Papa V
Journal of clinical medicine 2020; 9:

: This study presents the long-term results on canaloplasty in a group of patients affected by pigmentary glaucoma, and studies the progression of the disease after surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Twenty-nine eyes of 25 patients with pigmentary glaucoma in maximum tolerated medical therapy with significant visual field damage progression underwent canaloplasty and were followed up to 11 years (mean 59.8 ± 30.1 months). All patients underwent a complete ophthalmic examination every 6 months. RESULTS: The pre-operative mean intraocular pressure (IOP) was 31.8 mmHg ± 10.9 (range 21-70) with an average of 3.3 medications. After 1, 2, 3, and 4 years, the mean IOP was 15.9 ± 4.0, 14.4 ± 7.3, 14.1 ± 2.1, and 15.7 mmHg, respectively, with 0.4, 0.5, and 0.7 medications, respectively. Four patients underwent trabeculectomy after 3 to 30 months due to uncontrolled IOP. Gonioscopy showed a significant reduction of pigment in trabecular meshwork in all cases, starting from the sixth month. In some cases, the pigment was almost completely reabsorbed after two years, suggesting an accelerated transit and escape of the granules through the trabecular spaces. CONCLUSIONS: Canaloplasty seems to be a reasonable option in treating patients affected by progressive pigmentary glaucoma. The reabsorption of pigment granules from the trabecular meshwork could, at least in part, explain the relatively high success rate observed after this surgical procedure.

Department of Ophthalmology, "Città di Udine" Health Clinic, Viale Venezia, 410, 33100 Udine, Italy.

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Classification: Pigmentary glaucoma (Part of: 9 Clinical forms of glaucomas > 9.4 Glaucomas associated with other ocular and systemic disorders > 9.4.3 Glaucomas associated with disorders of the iris and ciliary body)
12.9 Trabeculotomy, goniotomy (Part of: 12 Surgical treatment)

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