Abstract #91491 Published in IGR 21-4

Spurectomy: A novel modification of non-penetrating deep sclerectomy

Vila-Mascarell E; Vila-Arteaga J; Suriano MM; Fons Moreno A
Archivos de la Sociedad Espaņola de Oftalmologia 2020; 0:

PURPOSE: To evaluate the outcomes of a novel modification of the non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) approach for glaucoma management called spurectomy. METHODS: Observational comparative non-randomized retrospective study including 98 glaucomatous eyes of 76 patients operated on with the spurectomy technique consisting of the combination of the excision of the scleral spur with NPDS (groupA). A control group (groupB) including 53 glaucomatous eyes of 43 patients operated on with classical NPDS was also included. Changes in intraocular pressure (IOP) and medications required as well as complications were recorded in a 12-month follow-up. RESULTS: Mean IOP decreased from 25.69±8.11 preoperatively to 15.73±4.16mm Hg postoperatively in groupA (p<0.001). In groupB, mean IOP decreased from 26.66±5.93 preoperatively to 18.19±5.93mm Hg postoperatively (P<.001). Differences between groups in postoperative IOP was statistically significant (P<.001). At 12months after surgery, 13.27% and 52.83% of eyes in groupsA andB required topical antihypertensive therapy (P<.001). The rate of absolute success after surgery was 87.5% and 47.17% in groupsA andB, with significantly higher rate of relative success in groupB (P<.001). No significant differences among groups were found in the complication rate (P=.960). The most common postoperative complication was microperforation of the trabeculo-descemetic membrane in both groups. CONCLUSIONS: Spurectomy is a safe and effective technique when compared with conventional NPDS and seems a promising alternative in the surgical management of glaucoma, optimizing the efficacy of the treatment and minimizing complications.

Clínica Oftalmológica Vila-Innova Ocular, Valencia, España; Hospital La Fe, Valencia, España.

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