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Evaluating multidisciplinary glaucoma care: visual field progression and loss of sight year analysis in the community vs hospital setting

Mushtaq Y; Panchasara B; Nassehzadehtabriz N; Lim HK; Mushtaq M; Kean J; Farrell S; Bourne RRA; Shahid H; Khatib TZ; Martin KR
Eye 2021; 0:

BACKGROUND: A variety of shared care models have been developed, which aim to stratify glaucoma patients according to risk of disease progression. However, there is limited published data on the rate of glaucoma progression in the hospital vs community setting. Here we aimed to compare rates of glaucomatous visual field progression in the Cambridge Community Optometrist Glaucoma Scheme (COGS) and Addenbrooke's Hospital Glaucoma Clinic (AGC). METHODS: A retrospective comparative cohort review was performed. Patients with five or more visual field tests were included. Zeiss Forum software was used to calculate the MD progression rate (dB/year). Loss of sight years (LSY) were also calculated for both COGS and AGC. RESULTS: Overall, 8465 visual field tests from 854 patients were reviewed. In all, 362 eyes from the AGC group and 210 eyes from COGS were included. The MD deterioration rate was significantly lower in the COGS patients compared with the AGC group (-0.1 vs -0.3 dB/year; p < 0.0001). No patients in the COGS group were predicted to become blind within their lifetime by LSY analysis. Fifteen patients were at risk in the AGC group. CONCLUSION: This service evaluation shows that COGS is an effective scheme to stratify lower risk glaucoma patients, increasing the capacity within hospital eye services. COGS patients have a lower rate of visual field deterioration compared to AGC patients. Effective communication between community and tertiary schemes is essential to facilitate transfer of patients requiring further hospital management reliably and efficiently, with the potential for low-risk patients to be followed safely in the community.

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Luton, UK.

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6.20 Progression (Part of: 6 Clinical examination methods)
14 Costing studies; pharmacoeconomics

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