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Abstract #99114 Published in IGR 22-4

The OCT RNFL Probability Map and Artifacts Resembling Glaucomatous Damage

La Bruna S; Rai A; Rai A; Mao G; Kerr J; Amin H; Zemborain ZZ; Leshno A; Tsamis E; Tsamis E; Tsamis E; De Moraes CG; Hood DC
Translational vision science & technology 2022; 11: 18

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to improve the diagnostic ability of the optical coherence tomography (OCT) retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) probability (p-) map by understanding the frequency and pattern of artifacts seen on the p-maps of healthy control (HC) eyes resembling glaucomatous damage. METHODS: RNFL p-maps were generated from wide-field OCT cube scans of 2 groups of HC eyes, 200 from a commercial normative group (HC-norm) and 54 from a prospective study group, as well as from 62 patient eyes, which included 32 with early glaucoma (EG). These 32 EG eyes had 24-2 mean deviation (MD) better than -6 dB and perimetric glaucoma as defined by 24-2 and 10-2 criteria. For the HC groups, "glaucoma-like" arcuates were defined as any red region near the temporal half of the disc. RESULTS: Seven percent of the 200 HC-norm and 11% of the 54 HC RNFL p-maps satisfied the definition of "glaucoma-like," as did all the patients' p-maps. The HC p-maps showed two general patterns of abnormal regions, "arcuate" and "temporal quadrant," and these patterns resembled those seen on some of the RNFL p-maps of the EG eyes. A "vertical midline" rule, which required the abnormal region to cross the vertical midline through the fovea, had a specificity of >99%, and a sensitivity of 75% for EG and 93% for moderate to advanced eyes. CONCLUSIONS: Glaucoma-like artifacts on RNFL p-maps are relatively common and can masquerade as arcuate and/or widespread/temporal damage. TRANSLATIONAL RELEVANCE: A vertical midline rule had excellent specificity. However, other OCT information is necessary to obtain high sensitivity, especially in eyes with early glaucoma.

Department of Psychology, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.

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