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57018 AMP-activated protein kinase regulates intraocular pressure, extracellular matrix, and cytoskeleton in trabecular meshwork
Chatterjee A; Villarreal G; Oh DJ; Kang MH; Rhee DJ
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2014; 55: 3127-3139
57262 Improvement of fluctuations of intraocular pressure after cataract surgery in primary angle closure glaucoma patients
Tojo N; Otsuka M; Miyakoshi A; Fujita K; Hayashi A
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2014; 252: 1463-1468
57108 Four Measures of Intraocular Pressure Fluctuation: Which Correlates Most Optimally With Actual Office-hour Readings?
Huang R; Ge J; Chen G; Gao X; Laties AM; Zhang X
Journal of Glaucoma 2015; 24: 550-555
57509 Posture-induced intraocular pressure measurements
Zhen Y; Wang H; Hao J; Ding J; Wang N
Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology 2014; 50: 333-337
57437 Ethnic Differences of Intraocular Pressure and Central Corneal Thickness: The Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Diseases Study
Chua J; Tham YC; Liao J; Zheng Y; Aung T; Wong TY; Cheng CY
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 2013-2022
56999 Systemic Medication and Intraocular Pressure in a British Population: The EPIC-Norfolk Eye Study
Khawaja AP; Chan MP; Broadway DC; Garway-Heath DF; Luben R; Yip JL; Hayat S; Wareham NJ; Khaw KT; Foster PJ
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 1501-1507
57496 Transient increase of intraocular pressure with primary open angle glaucoma patients associated with warm and cold seasons after long waiting time in an ophthalmology clinic
Nishino K; Yoshida F; Nitta A; Saito M; Saito K
Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 2014; 118: 508-514
57524 New perspectives on target intraocular pressure
Clement CI; Bhartiya S; Shaarawy T
Survey of Ophthalmology 2014; 59: 615-626
56972 Preserve the (intraocular) environment: the importance of maintaining normal oxygen gradients in the eye
Beebe DC; Shui YB; Siegfried CJ; Holekamp NM; Bai F
Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology 2014; 58: 225-231
57380 Functional analysis of glaucoma data
Hosseini-Nasab M; Mirzaei K Z
Statistics in Medicine 2014; 33: 2077-2102
56698 Vitamin D and intraocular pressure--results from a case-control and an intervention study
Krefting EA; Jorde R; Christoffersen T; Grimnes G
Acta Ophthalmologica 2014; 92: 345-349
57299 The Association of Blood Pressure and Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: A Meta-analysis
Zhao D; Cho J; Kim MH; Guallar E
American Journal of Ophthalmology 2014; 158: 615-627.e9
57001 Using filtered forecasting techniques to determine personalized monitoring schedules for patients with open-angle glaucoma
Schell GJ; Lavieri MS; Helm JE; Liu X; Musch DC; Van Oyen MP; Stein JD
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 1539-1546
57170 An update on postrefractive surgery intraocular pressure determination
Yao WJ; Crossan AS
Current Opinions in Ophthalmology 2014; 25: 258-263
Wu L; Berrocal MH; Rodriguez FJ; Maia M; Morales-Canton V; Figueroa M; Serrano M; Roca JA; Arévalo JF; Navarro R; Hernández H; Salinas S; Romero R; Alpizar-Alvarez N; Chico G
Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.) 2014; 34: 1985-1989
57051 Effects of long-term topical prostaglandin therapy on central corneal thickness
Maruyama Y; Mori K; Ikeda Y; Ueno M; Kinoshita S
Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2014; 30: 440-444
57115 Identification of the ghrelin-GHSR 1 system and its influence in the modulation of induced ocular hypertension in rabbit and rat eyes
Rocha-Sousa A; Pereira-Silva P; Tavares-Silva M; Azevedo-Pinto S; Rodrigues-Araújo J; Pinho S; Avelino A; Falcão-Reis F; Leite-Moreira A
Peptides 2014; 57: 59-66

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