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57407 Refined Data Analysis Provides Clinical Evidence for Central Nervous System Control of Chronic Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration
Sponsel WE; Groth SL; Satsangi N; Maddess T; Reilly MA
Translational vision science & technology 2014; 3: 1
57338 Prediction of glaucomatous visual field progression: pointwise analysis
Shon K; Wollstein G; Schuman JS; Sung KR
Current Eye Research 2014; 39: 705-710
57477 Evaluation of Octopus Polar Trend Analysis for detection of glaucomatous progression
Holló G; Naghizadeh F
European Journal of Ophthalmology 2014; 24: 862-868
57335 Detection of early glaucomatous progression with octopus cluster trend analysis
Naghizadeh F; Holló G
Journal of Glaucoma 2014; 23: 269-275
57378 Rates of glaucomatous visual field change in a large clinical population
Chauhan BC; Malik R; Shuba LM; Rafuse PE; Nicolela MT; Artes PH
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2014; 55: 4135-4143
56900 Frequency doubling technology perimetry for detection of visual field progression in glaucoma: a pointwise linear regression analysis
Liu S; Yu M; Weinreb RN; Lai G; Lam DS; Leung CK
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2014; 55: 2862-2869
57001 Using filtered forecasting techniques to determine personalized monitoring schedules for patients with open-angle glaucoma
Schell GJ; Lavieri MS; Helm JE; Liu X; Musch DC; Van Oyen MP; Stein JD
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 1539-1546
57118 Hierarchical cluster analysis of progression patterns in open-angle glaucoma patients with medical treatment
Bae HW; Rho S; Lee HS; Lee N; Hong S; Seong GJ; Sung KR; Kim CY
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2014; 55: 3231-3236
57293 Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma: What Is the Specificity of the Guided Progression Analysis?
Artes PH; O'Leary N; Nicolela MT; Chauhan BC; Crabb DP
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 2023-2027
57286 Portsmouth visual field database: an audit of glaucoma progression
Kirwan JF; Hustler A; Bobat H; Toms L; Crabb DP; McNaught AI
Eye 2014; 28: 974-979
57277 Nocturnal Systemic Hypotension Increases the Risk of Glaucoma Progression
Charlson ME; De Moraes CG; Link A; Wells MT; Harmon G; Peterson JC; Ritch R; Liebmann JM
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 2004-2012
56979 Central visual field progression in normal-tension glaucoma patients with autonomic dysfunction
Park HY; Park SH; Park CK
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2014; 55: 2557-2563
56987 The risk of newly developed visual impairment in treated normal-tension glaucoma: 10-year follow-up
Choi YJ; Kim M; Park KH; Kim DM; Kim SH
Acta Ophthalmologica 2014; 92: e644-e649
57233 Rapidly Progressing Glaucoma Associated With Monoclonal Gammopathy
Jeang LJ; Chang PT; Frankfort BJ
Journal of Glaucoma 2015; 24: e139-e141
57202 Effect of Palmitoylethanolamide on Visual Field Damage Progression in Normal Tension Glaucoma Patients: Results of an Open-Label Six-Month Follow-Up
Costagliola C; Romano MR; dell'Omo R; Russo A; Mastropasqua R; Semeraro F
Journal of medicinal food 2014; 17: 949-954
57294 A Control Experiment for Studies that Show Improved Visual Sensitivity with Intraocular Pressure Lowering in Glaucoma
Anderson AJ; Stainer MJ
Ophthalmology 2014; 121: 2028-2032

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