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80553 Blue light exacerbates and red light counteracts negative insults to retinal ganglion cells in situ and R28 cells in vitro
Núñez-Álvarez C
Neurochemistry International 2019; 125: 187-196
80836 Interaction between XRCC 1 gene polymorphisms and diabetes on susceptibility to primary open-angle glaucoma
Wang Y
Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.) 2019; 244: 588-592
81295 Analysis of interleukin-20 receptor complexes in trabecular meshwork cells and effects of cytokine signaling in anterior segment perfusion culture
Keller KE
Molecular Vision 2019; 25: 266-282
81224 Tetramethylpyrazine protects retinal ganglion cells against H2O2‑induced damage via the microRNA‑182/mitochondrial pathway
Li X
International Journal of Molecular Medicine 2019; 44: 503-512
80215 The affinity, intrinsic activity and selectivity of a structurally novel EP receptor agonist at human prostanoid receptors
Coleman RA
British Journal of Pharmacology 2019; 176: 687-698
81265 Comparative lipid profiling dataset of the inflammation-induced optic nerve regeneration
Trzeciecka A
Data in brief 2019; 24: 103950
81272 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 attenuates oxidative stress-induced damage in human trabecular meshwork cells by inhibiting TGFβ-SMAD3-VDR pathway
Lv Y
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2019; 516: 75-81
80472 Fisetin rescues retinal functions by suppressing inflammatory response in a DBA/2J mouse model of glaucoma
Li L
Documenta Ophthalmologica 2019; 138: 125-135
80632 Down-regulated LAMA4 inhibits oxidative stress-induced apoptosis of retinal ganglion cells through the MAPK signaling pathway in rats with glaucoma
Wang C
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) 2019; 18: 932-948
80912 Acteoside inhibits autophagic apoptosis of retinal ganglion cells to rescue glaucoma-induced optic atrophy
Chen Q
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 2019; 120: 13133-13140
80523 Differential Misfolding Properties of Glaucoma-Associated Olfactomedin Domains from Humans and Mice
Patterson-Orazem AC
Biochemistry 2019; 58: 1718-1727
80643 Lactate-Mediated Protection of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Vohra R
Journal of Molecular Biology 2019; 431: 1878-1888
81429 Repressed Wnt Signaling Accelerates the Aging Process in Mouse Eyes
Zhang Y
Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 2019: 7604396
80736 Caveolin-1 regulates human trabecular meshwork cell adhesion, endocytosis, and autophagy
Wu Z
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 2019; 120: 13382-13391
80869 PACAP Attenuates Optic Nerve Crush-Induced Retinal Ganglion Cell Apoptosis Via Activation of the CREB-Bcl-2 Pathway
Ye D
Journal of Molecular Neuroscience 2019; 68: 475-484
80779 The LRRC8-mediated volume-regulated anion channel is altered in glaucoma
Gasull X
Scientific reports 2019; 9: 5392
80534 miR‑17‑5p regulates the proliferation and apoptosis of human trabecular meshwork cells by targeting phosphatase and tensin homolog
Wang X
Molecular medicine reports 2019; 19: 3132-3138
80929 Hyperhomocysteinemia-induced death of retinal ganglion cells: The role of Müller glial cells and NRF2
Navneet S
Redox biology 2019; 24: 101199
80722 Cell Autonomous Neuroprotection by the Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 2 in a Mouse Model of Glaucoma
Hass DT
Frontiers in neuroscience 2019; 13: 201
80215 The affinity, intrinsic activity and selectivity of a structurally novel EP receptor agonist at human prostanoid receptors
Coleman RA
British Journal of Pharmacology 2019; 176: 687-698
81042 Effects of Salidroside on Trabecular Meshwork Cell Extracellular Matrix Expression and Mouse Intraocular Pressure
Fan Y
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2019; 60: 2072-2082
80603 GPR158 in the Visual System: Homeostatic Role in Regulation of Intraocular Pressure
Itakura T
Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2019; 35: 203-215
80984 Effects of Resveratrol on Inflammatory Biomarkers in Glaucomatous Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells
Avotri S
Nutrients 2019; 11:
81319 An in vitro pressure model towards studying the response of primary retinal ganglion cells to elevated hydrostatic pressures
Wu J
Scientific reports 2019; 9: 9057
80716 Rapamycin Removes Damaged Mitochondria and Protects Human Trabecular Meshwork (TM-1) Cells from Chronic Oxidative Stress
Molecular Neurobiology 2019; 56: 6586-6593

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