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84873 The Effects of 3% Diquafosol Sodium Eye Drops on Tear Function and the Ocular Surface of Cu, Zn-Superoxide Dismutase-1 () Knockout Mice Treated with Antiglaucoma Eye Medications
Yagi-Yaguchi Y
Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland) 2020; 10:
84859 Inaccuracy of intraocular pressure measurement in congenital corneal opacity: three case reports
Kang BS
BMC Ophthalmology 2020; 20: 3
84992 Effects of topical antiglaucomatous medications on central corneal epithelial thickness by anterior segment optical coherence tomography
Doğan E
European Journal of Ophthalmology 2020; 0: 1120672120901698
84877 Ocular surface analysis and automatic non-invasive assessment of tear film breakup location, extension and progression in patients with glaucoma
Guarnieri A
BMC Ophthalmology 2020; 20: 12
84816 Impact of Combined XEN Gel Stent Implantation on Corneal Endothelial Cell Density: 2-Year Results
Gillmann K
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 0:
85074 Assessing Corneal Speckle in Optical Coherence Tomography: A New Look at Glaucomatous Eyes
Iskander DR
Optometry and Vision Science 2020; 97: 62-67
84697 Association between peripapillary scleral deformation and choroidal microvascular circulation in glaucoma
Shin DY
Scientific reports 2019; 9: 18503
84801 Association between optic nerve head morphology in open-angle glaucoma and corneal biomechanical parameters measured with Corvis ST
Aoki S
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2020; 258: 629-637
85118 Corneal biomechanical responses detected using corvis st in primary open angle glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma
Jung Y
Medicine 2020; 99: e19126
84983 Case of bilateral Mooren's ulcers following filtering surgery using EX-PRESS glaucoma filtering devices
Toyokawa N
American journal of ophthalmology case reports 2020; 17: 100588
85151 Mitochondrial Dysfunctions May Be One of the Major Causative Factors Underlying Detrimental Effects of Benzalkonium Chloride
Rogov AG
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2020; 2020: 8956504
85089 Impact of Ocular Surface Disease Treatment in Patients with Glaucoma
Mylla Boso AL
Clinical Ophthalmology 2020; 14: 103-111
85155 Intraocular Pressure Calculation in Myopic Patients After Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis
Helmy H
Clinical Ophthalmology 2020; 14: 509-516
85113 Biomechanical diagnostics of the cornea
Esporcatte LPG
Eye and vision (London, England) 2020; 7: 9
84574 The influence of central corneal thickness on progression of normotensive glaucoma
Nutterova E
Biomedical papers of the Medical Faculty of the University Palacky, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia 2019; 0:
85218 Biomechanical properties of the cornea as predictors of the effectiveness of selective laser trabeculoplasty
Kurysheva NI
Vestnik Oftalmologii 2020; 136: 17-24
84094 Modified Goldmann prism intraocular pressure measurement accuracy and correlation to corneal biomechanical metrics: multicentre randomised clinical trial
McCafferty SJ
British Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 103: 1840-1844
84711 Effects of Baerveldt Glaucoma Implant Surgery on Corneal Endothelial Cells of Patients with No History of Trabeculectomy
Tojo N
Clinical Ophthalmology 2019; 13: 2333-2340
84838 Ocular Surface Changes in Prostaglandin Analogue-Treated Patients
Shen W
Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 2019: 9798272
84870 ICare Pro: Age Dependent Effect of Central Corneal Thickness on Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension Patients
Hohberger B
Current Eye Research 2020; 0: 1-7
84087 Long-term outcomes of penetrating keratoplasty for corneal complications of herpes zoster ophthalmicus
Tanaka TS
British Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 103: 1710-1715
84525 gSupraciliary Micro-Stent Revision in a Patient with Corneal Edema and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG)- A Case Report
Wang YE
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 0:
84612 Relationship of Corneal Hysteresis and Anterior Lamina Cribrosa Displacement in Glaucoma
Wong BJ
American Journal of Ophthalmology 2020; 212: 134-143
84760 Supraciliary Microstent Revision in a Patient With Corneal Edema and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A Case Report
Wang YE
Journal of Glaucoma 2020; 29: e3-e6
84702 Relationship between OSDI questionnaire and ocular surface changes in glaucomatous patients
Guarnieri A
International Ophthalmology 2020; 40: 741-751

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