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86625 The Relationship Between Intraocular Pressure and Rates of Central Versus Peripheral Visual Field Progression
Shukla AG; Shukla AG; De Moraes CG; Cioffi GA; Girkin CA; Weinreb RN; Zangwill LM; Liebmann JM
Journal of Glaucoma 2020; 29: 435-440 (IGR: 21-2)

66307 Optic nerve head and intraocular pressure in the guinea pig eye
Ostrin LA; Wildsoet CF
Experimental Eye Research 2015; 146: 7-16 (IGR: 17-3)

53814 The Relationship Between the Mean Deviation (MD) Slope and Follow-up Intraocular Pressure (IOP) in Open-angle Glaucoma Patients
Fukuchi T; Yoshino T; Sawada H; Seki M; Togano T; Tanaka T; Ueda J; Abe H
Journal of Glaucoma 2013; 22: 689-697 (IGR: 15-2)

51696 Intraocular pressure efficacy of glaucoma medications versus placebo in phase II compared to later phase trials
Sharpe RA; Nelson LA; Stewart JA; Stewart WC
British Journal of Ophthalmology 2013; 97: 121-125 (IGR: 14-4)

26159 Optic disc diameter increases during acute elevations of intraocular pressure
Poostchi A; Wong T; Chan KC; Kedzlie L; Sachdev N; Nicholas S; Garway-Heath DF; Wells AP
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2010; 51: 2313-2316 (IGR: 12-2)

25955 A novel method for blood vessel detection from retinal images
Xu L; Luo S
Biomedical engineering online 2010; 9: 14 (IGR: 12-2)

20827 Cost-effectiveness of early detection and treatment of ocular hypertension and primary open-angle glaucoma by the ophthalmologist
Peeters A; Schouten JS; Webers CA; Prins MH; Hendrikse F; Severens JL
Eye 2008; 22: 354-362 (IGR: 10-1)

20076 Increased retinal blood flow in patients with active Graves' ophthalmopathy
Perri P; Campa C; Costagliola C; Incorvaia C; D'Angelo S; Sebastiani A
Current Eye Research 2007; 32: 985-990 (IGR: 9-4)

17485 Experimentally increased intraocular pressure using digital forces
McMonnies CW; Boneham GC
Eye Contact Lens 2007; 33: 124-129 (IGR: 9-2)

17484 Corneal curvature stability with increased intraocular pressure
McMonnies CW; Boneham GC
Eye Contact Lens 2007; 33: 130-137 (IGR: 9-2)

17634 Diurnal variation curve of intraocular pressure and ocular pulse amplitude with dynamic contour tonometer in primary open-angle glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma patients
Yun H-M; Fu P; Yuan J-S; Zhang B; Li X-X
Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 2006; 86: 3401-3404 (IGR: 9-2)

19242 Influence of intraocular pressure on retinal vascular caliber measurements in children
de Haseth K; Cheung N; Saw SM; Islam FM; Mitchell P; Wong TY
American Journal of Ophthalmology 2007; 143: 1040-1042 (IGR: 9-2)

16941 Statistical methods for comparison of two measuring procedures and for calibration: analysis of concordance, correlation and regression in the case of measuring intraocular pressure
Koch R; Sporl E
Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde 2007; 224: 52-57 (IGR: 9-1)

16953 Visual field and intraocular pressure asymmetry in the low-pressure glaucoma treatment study
Greenfield DS; Liebmann JM; Ritch R; Krupin T; Low-Pressure Glaucoma Study Group
Ophthalmology 2007; 114: 460-465 (IGR: 9-1)

14795 Causal inference in primary open angle glaucoma: Specific discussion on intraocular pressure
Bahrami H
Ophthalmic Epidemiology 2006; 13: 283-289 (IGR: 8-4)

15099 Corneal thickness- and age-related biomechanical properties of the cornea measured with the ocular response analyzer
Kotecha A; Elsheikh A; Roberts CR; Zhu H; Garway-Heath DF
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2006; 47: 5337-5347 (IGR: 8-4)

15190 Central corneal thickness in children: Racial differences (black vs. white) and correlation with measured intraocular pressure
Muir KW; Duncan L; Enyedi LB; Freedman SF
Journal of Glaucoma 2006; 15: 520-523 (IGR: 8-4)

14821 Comparative measurements of central corneal thickness with two ultrasound pachymeters
Schmidt E; Schwanitz K; Bohm AG; Pillunat LE
Ophthalmologe 2006; 103: 688-692 (IGR: 8-4)

15144 Human scleral hydraulic conductivity: age-related changes, topographical variation, and potential scleral outflow facility
Jackson TL; Hussain A; Hodgetts A; Morley AM; Hillenkamp J; Sullivan PM; Marshall J
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2006; 47: 4942-4946 (IGR: 8-4)

15139 The rate of functional recovery from acute IOP elevation
He Z; Bui BV; Vingrys AJ
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2006; 47: 4872-4880 (IGR: 8-4)

14421 Effect of head position on intraocular pressure in horses
Komaromy AM; Garg CD; Ying G-S; Liu C
American Journal of Veterinary Research 2006; 67: 1232-1235 (IGR: 8-4)

15161 Manometric calibration and comparison of TonoLab and TonoPen tonometers in rats with experimental glaucoma and in normal mice
Pease ME; Hammond JC; Quigley HA
Journal of Glaucoma 2006; 15: 512-519 (IGR: 8-4)

15201 Effect of light cycle on 24-hour pattern of mouse intraocular pressure
Sugimoto E; Aihara M; Ota T; Araie M
Journal of Glaucoma 2006; 15: 505-511 (IGR: 8-4)

15243 Comparison of dynamic contour tonometry and goldmann applanation tonometry in glaucoma patients and healthy subjects
Barleon L; Hoffmann EM; Berres M; Pfeiffer N; Grus FH
American Journal of Ophthalmology 2006; 142: 583-590 (IGR: 8-4)

14474 Computerized invasive measurement of time-dependent intraocular pressure
Campos TVO; Jacobovitz S; Almeida HG; Massensini AR; Moraes MFD
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 2006; 39: 1249-1253 (IGR: 8-4)

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