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89960 Tissue-Engineered Models for Glaucoma Research
Lu R
Micromachines 2020; 11:
90221 Generics versus brand-named drugs for glaucoma: the debate continues
Bhartiya S
Romanian journal of ophthalmology 2020; 64: 239-244
90622 Effects of Consumption of Alcohol on Intraocular Pressure: Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010 to 2011
Song JE
Nutrients 2020; 12:
90547 Short-Term Steady-State Pattern Electroretinography Changes Using a Multi-Pressure Dial in Ocular Hypertensive, Glaucoma Suspect, and Mild Open-Angle Glaucoma Patients: A Randomized, Controlled, Prospective, Pilot Study
Kudrna JJ
Ophthalmology and therapy 2020; 9: 981-992
90839 Text Parsing-Based Identification of Patients with Poor Glaucoma Medication Adherence in the Electronic Health Record
Hamid MS
American Journal of Ophthalmology 2020; 222: 54-59
90004 Preferred practice guidelines for glaucoma management during COVID-19 pandemic
Tejwani S
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 2020; 68: 1277-1280
90279 Dietary habits are useful as risk factors for primary open-angle glaucoma while controlling for heredity and metabolic disease
Mylona I
Nutrition and health 2020; 26: 163-166
90850 Special Commentary: Using Clinical Decision Support Systems to Bring Predictive Models to the Glaucoma Clinic
Stagg BC
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2021; 4: 5-9
90503 Retinal Tissue Bioengineering, Materials and Methods for the Treatment of Glaucoma
Behtaj S
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 2020; 17: 253-269
89977 Herbal Medicines in Glaucoma Treatment
Ige M
The Yale journal of biology and medicine 2020; 93: 347-353
90243 Physical activity of patients with a primary open angle glaucoma
Olszewska H
International Journal of Ophthalmology 2020; 13: 1102-1108
90076 The Use of eHealth Practices by United States Patients with Self-Reported Glaucoma
Stagg BC
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2021; 4: 71-77
90093 Priorities and Treatment Preferences among Surgery-Naive Patients with Moderate to Severe Open-Angle Glaucoma
Bicket AK
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2020; 3: 377-383
90746 Potential Therapeutic Benefit of NAD Supplementation for Glaucoma and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Cimaglia G
Nutrients 2020; 12:
90238 Visual Field Artifacts From Face Mask Use
Young SL
Journal of Glaucoma 2020; 29: 989-991
90796 Patterns of Daily Physical Activity across the Spectrum of Visual Field Damage in Glaucoma Patients
Ophthalmology 2021; 128: 70-77
90470 Characteristics and Treatment Patterns of Newly Diagnosed Open-Angle Glaucoma Patients in the United States: An Administrative Database Analysis
Schwartz GF
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2021; 4: 117-125
89903 Eye care in the intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sansome SG
British journal of hospital medicine (London, England : 2005) 2020; 81: 1-10
90046 The effect of Bushen Huoxue method in treating glaucoma: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis
Wang L
Medicine 2020; 99: e21156
90539 Glaucoma Community Care: Does Ongoing Shared Care Work?
Ly A
International journal of integrated care 2020; 20: 5
90622 Effects of Consumption of Alcohol on Intraocular Pressure: Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010 to 2011
Song JE
Nutrients 2020; 12:
90644 Characterizing the Impact of Fear of Falling on Activity and Falls in Older Adults with Glaucoma
Journal of the American Geriatric Society 2020; 68: 1847-1851
89939 Association between Exercise Intensity and Glaucoma in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Tseng VL
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2020; 3: 393-402
90370 Smoking Is Associated with Higher Intraocular Pressure Regardless of Glaucoma: A Retrospective Study of 12.5 Million Patients Using the Intelligent Research in Sight (IRIS®) Registry
Lee CS
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2020; 3: 253-261
89951 Perceptions of Marijuana Use for Glaucoma from Patients, Cannabis Retailers, and Glaucoma Specialists
Weldy EW
Ophthalmology. Glaucoma 2020; 3: 453-459

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