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91423 Long Non-coding RNA MALAT1 Alleviates the Elevated Intraocular Pressure (Eiop)-induced Glaucoma Progression via Sponging miR-149-5p
Wang L
Current Eye Research 2020; 0: 1-9
91006 Girl Power in Glaucoma: The Role of Estrogen in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Fotesko K
Cellular and molecular neurobiology 2020; 0:
91615 Cathepsin B Localizes in the Caveolae and Participates in the Proteolytic Cascade in Trabecular Meshwork Cells. Potential New Drug Target for the Treatment of Glaucoma
Nettesheim A
Journal of clinical medicine 2020; 10:
91741 Loss of the Extracellular Matrix Molecule Tenascin-C Leads to Absence of Reactive Gliosis and Promotes Anti-inflammatory Cytokine Expression in an Autoimmune Glaucoma Mouse Model
Wiemann S
Frontiers in immunology 2020; 11: 566279
91848 A lab-on-a-chip model of glaucoma
Nafian F
Brain and behavior 2020; 10: e01799
90867 Retinal Degeneration and Alzheimer's Disease: An Evolving Link
Ashok A
International journal of molecular sciences 2020; 21:
90910 Reduced Oxidative Phosphorylation and Increased Glycolysis in Human Glaucoma Lamina Cribrosa Cells
Kamel K
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2020; 61: 4
90989 A 3D Model of Human Trabecular Meshwork for the Research Study of Glaucoma
Tirendi S
Frontiers in neurology 2020; 11: 591776
91650 Role of the Internal Limiting Membrane in Structural Engraftment and Topographic Spacing of Transplanted Human Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Ganglion Cells
Zhang KY
Stem cell reports 2021; 16: 149-167
91716 Nox4 Facilitates TGFβ1-Induced Fibrotic Response in Human Tenon's Fibroblasts and Promotes Wound Collagen Accumulation in Murine Model of Glaucoma Filtration Surgery
Shah MH
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland) 2020; 9:
91021 Intra-Cellular Calcium Signaling Pathways (PKC, RAS/RAF/MAPK, PI3K) in Lamina Cribrosa Cells in Glaucoma
Irnaten M
Journal of clinical medicine 2020; 10:
91844 Preclinical Investigation of Goniotomy Using Four Different Techniques
Ammar DA
Clinical Ophthalmology 2020; 14: 3519-3525
90872 ATF4 leads to glaucoma by promoting protein synthesis and ER client protein load
Kasetti RB
Nature communications 2020; 11: 5594
91696 Retinal oxidative stress activates the NRF2/ARE pathway: An early endogenous protective response to ocular hypertension
Naguib S
Redox biology 2021; 0: 101883
91826 Ganglion cells apoptosis in diabetic rats as early prediction of glaucoma: a study of Brn3b gene expression and association with change of quantity of NO, caspase-3, NF-κB, and TNF-α
Tjandra I
International Journal of Ophthalmology 2020; 13: 1872-1879
91854 Differential Lysyl oxidase like 1 expression in pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is orchestrated via DNA methylation
Greene AG
Experimental Eye Research 2020; 201: 108349
91156 Pluripotent epigenetic regulator OBP-801 maintains filtering blebs in glaucoma filtration surgery model
Yamamoto Y
Scientific reports 2020; 10: 20936
91495 Knockdown of FAM225B inhibits the progression of the hypertrophic scar following glaucoma surgery by inhibiting autophagy
Ma X
Molecular medicine reports 2021; 23: 1
90971 Astaxanthin protects retinal ganglion cells from acute glaucoma via the Nrf2/HO-1 pathway
Li Y
Journal of chemical neuroanatomy 2020; 110: 101876
91135 Potential roles of astrocytes and Müller cells in the pathogenesis of glaucoma
Shinozaki Y
Journal of Pharmacological Sciences 2021; 145: 262-267
91304 Regulation of distinct caspase-8 functions in retinal ganglion cells and astroglia in experimental glaucoma
Yang X
Neurobiology of Disease 2021; 150: 105258
91766 Tryptophan Pathway Abnormalities in a Murine Model of Hereditary Glaucoma
Fiedorowicz M
International journal of molecular sciences 2021; 22:
91139 ROCK inhibitors beneficially alter the spatial configuration of TGFβ2-treated 3D organoids from a human trabecular meshwork (HTM)
Ota C
Scientific reports 2020; 10: 20292
91854 Differential Lysyl oxidase like 1 expression in pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is orchestrated via DNA methylation
Greene AG
Experimental Eye Research 2020; 201: 108349
91803 GLP-1 Receptor Agonist NLY01 Reduces Retinal Inflammation and Neuron Death Secondary to Ocular Hypertension
Sterling JK
Cell reports 2020; 33: 108271

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