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Novel approaches to model effects of subconjunctival blebs on flow pressure to improve clinical grading systems after glaucoma drainage surgery

Bouremel Y; Lee RMH; Eames I; Brocchini S; Khaw PT
PLoS ONE 2019; 14: e0221715

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Clinical grading systems following glaucoma filtration surgery do not include any effects of the bleb on the intra-ocular pressure and are relatively subjective, therefore carrying the risk of inter and/or intra-observer variability. The main objective of the study is to quantify and model the effect of subconjunctival bleb on flow pressure for assessment of clinical grading following glaucoma surgery. Subconjunctival bleb was created by inserting a tube into ex vivo rabbit eyes via an ab externo approach through the anterior chamber and exiting into the subconjunctival space. Sterile dyed water was injected through the tube into the developing bleb. For the in vitro approach a silicone bleb was created by clamping a circular silicone sheet, injecting dyed water through a fixed resistance outlet tube. Photographic measurements of the bleb height, planform area and pressure were taken as a function of time. Clinical blebs were also collected over a few months. Mathematical algorithm software was used to build the bleb model. Bleb height and volume increase as pressure in the bleb increases. The bleb planform area tended to a constant determined by the section of conjunctiva prior to shunt insertion. These increases were in accordance with the bleb model developed in the Appendix. They show that the pressure in the bleb is related to the resistance of the outflow. The linearity of clinical grading systems is reviewed and a new grading approach is proposed. The pressure in the bleb has a strong dependence on bleb extent, height and a weak dependence on conjunctival thickness. The pressure in a bleb can be estimated from bleb height, radius, and flow rate inlet in agreement with the bleb flow model. These results provide support for an improved bleb categorization system.

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12.8.2 With tube implant or other drainage devices (Part of: 12 Surgical treatment > 12.8 Filtering surgery)
5.3 Other (Part of: 5 Experimental glaucoma; animal models)

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