World Glaucoma Week 2018: a great success!

World Glaucoma Week 2018 was a great success, all over the world many activities were organized to raise awareness about Glaucoma. We want to thank all of you that have been a part in this year’s World Glaucoma Week and are already looking forward to next year. In the meantime, read about activities that were organized this year and get inspired for next year!

World Glaucoma Week 2018 - Stories


The Japanese Glaucoma Society (JGS) is raising the bar each year with even more public building being illuminated in green. This campaign was started in 2015 with five landmarks lit up in this first year. Since this campaign was designated an official public awareness program of JGS in 2016, the number of participated sites increased to 44 sites in 2017, and to a stunning 68 sites this year.


Remember that picture with the special WGW2017 BIG campaign shirts from last year that drew a lot of attention and served as an inspiration around the world for old school copy and paste actions?

This year, the institute of Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology department, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova wore green scarfs during the entire World Glaucoma Week and green ribbons were handed out to all patients, while also organizing public educational and screening events.


On Barbados free screenings were offered by many participating ophthalmology and optometry practices for people who had not been tested for glaucoma before. The goal: make sure that people get their eyes tested for glaucoma!

Their camera frame was quite an eyecatcher!


This year, Nuttamon Srisamran from Bangkok, Thailand and her team set up a free screening event with glaucoma education. A badge was created following the WGW-2018 logo for the participants and related healthcare personnel. A great awareness activity and maybe we will see more badges next year.

This is just an arbitrary selection from all the create stories and initiatives that were organized. Want to see more?

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