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Abstract #105967 Published in IGR 23-3

Risk factors for ocular hypotony after XEN Gel Stent implantation

Galimi ME; Weller JM; Kruse FE; Laemmer R
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2022; 0:

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PURPOSE: To investigate the incidence of postoperative hypotony, and risk factors for the development of hypotony in eyes who had undergone XEN Gel Stent implantation. METHODS: In this retrospective, single-centre case series, medical records of 170 consecutive eyes who had undergone XEN Gel Stent implantation with or without simultaneous phacoemulsification for primary or secondary open angle glaucoma were analysed. Primary outcome parameters were the incidence of postoperative hypotony and potential risk factors for its development, and secondary parameters were pre- and postoperative visual acuity, intraocular pressure (IOP), and number of IOP-lowering eye drops. RESULTS: Postoperative hypotony ≤ 6 mmHg occurred in 57% of eyes. Hypotony was without complications in 70.1%, 13.4% had transient complications with spontaneous resolution, and 16.5% had complications requiring treatment. Mean visual acuity logMAR before surgery accounted for 0.47 ± 0.46 in all eyes and 0.47 ± 0.48 at the 4-week visit. There was no significant difference of BCVA in the group of eyes with and without postoperative hypotony before and after surgery. The mean IOP before surgery was 24.6 ± 8.4 mmHg and decreased significantly to 18.4 ± 10.2 after 4 weeks. Eyes with an axial length over 24.3 mm had a threefold increased risk for postoperative hypotony (OR 3.226, 95% confidence interval 1.121-9.279). This risk was decreased in eyes with simultaneous cataract surgery (OR 0.483, 95% confidence interval 0.258-0.903). CONCLUSION: In our sample, postoperative hypotony was a common complication after XEN Gel Stent implantation, but serious, persistent complications were rare. A longer axial length predisposes the eye for the development of hypotony.

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