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Abstract #106406 Published in IGR 23-3

Papillary and Peripapillary Hemorrhages in Eyes With Pathologic Myopia

Xiong J; Du R; Xie S; Lu H; Chen C; Lgarashi-Yokoi T; Uramoto K; Onishi Y; Yoshida T; Kamoi K; Ohno-Matsui K
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2022; 63: 28

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PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence, characteristics, and causes of papillary and peripapillary hemorrhages (PPHs) in eyes with pathologic myopia (PM). METHODS: PM patients were retrospectively studied between 2011 and 2018. Fundus images were used to diagnose and classify the PPHs. Fundus fluorescein angiographic (FFA) and optical coherence tomographic (OCT) images were used to determine the status of the retinal vessels and tissue at and around the PPH sites. Visual field data determined by Goldmann perimetry and Humphrey visual field analyzer were also analyzed. RESULTS: A total of 2171 PM patients (3774 eyes) were examined. Eighty-eight patients (97 eyes) had PPHs (mean age 66.8 ± 11.9 years; mean axial length 30.79 ± 2.17 mm) for a prevalence of 4.05%. Thirty (30.9%) eyes recurred. Among the 90 eyes with a single-site PPH, the most common type and location were the conus type (49 eyes, 54.4%) and the temporal side (66 eyes, 73.3%), respectively. Regression analysis showed that patchy atrophy reduced the risk of recurrences than diffuse atrophy (P < 0.05), whereas a longer axial length and potential glaucoma increased the risk (both P < 0.05). FFA and OCT showed that PPHs developed in the area of straightened retinal arterioles (24 eyes), at or beside the peak of a ridge (10 eyes), in an area of compressed retinal tissue (two eyes). CONCLUSIONS: PPHs are present in 4.05% of PM eyes, and they are most often located in the temporal peripapillary atrophic region of the retina. Axial elongation, mild myopic maculopathy, and potential glaucoma are risk factors for recurrences.

Department of Ophthalmology Visual Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan.

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