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Epiblepharon in a Case of Anterior Megalophthalmos: A Diagnostic Red Herring

Nair AG; Agashe PM; Doshi A
Cureus 2021; 13: e14304

Epiblepharon is a condition characterized by the presence of a congenital horizontal fold of skin near the upper or lower eyelid margin and rarely requires intervention. In this communication, we present the case of a five-month-old child who had enlarged eyes, tearing, and intense photophobia; and was referred to as a case of congenital glaucoma. Congenital or infantile glaucoma can, indeed present with enlarged eyes, watering, and photophobia. However, in the absence of optic disc cupping and elevated intraocular pressures, a diagnosis of anterior megalophthalmos should be considered, especially in the presence of a very deep anterior chamber. Subsequent evaluation in our case established the diagnosis of anterior megalophthalmos along with concomitant bilateral epiblepharon. The child underwent surgery to correct the epiblepharon, following which, the tearing and photophobia resolved. The clinical characteristics of anterior megalophthalmos and the causality between an enlarged globe and epiblepharon are discussed in this article.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery and Ocular Oncology, Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai, IND.

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10 Differential diagnosis e.g. anterior and posterior ischemic optic neuropathy
9.1.1 Congenital glaucoma, Buphthalmos (Part of: 9 Clinical forms of glaucomas > 9.1 Developmental glaucomas)

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