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The Descemet Membrane in Primary Congenital Glaucoma

Gupta S; Chaurasia AK; Sen S; Bhardwaj M; Mandal S; Titiyal JS; Gupta V
Cornea 2021; 40: 172-178

PURPOSE: To evaluate Descemet membrane (DM) morphology in eyes with primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) in vivo using high-definition anterior segment optical coherence tomography (ASOCT) and on histopathology. METHODS: Corneal scans of patients with PCG (22 eyes of 15 patients) were evaluated for DM morphology and anterior chamber angle using ASOCT. The DM thickness in PCG eyes was compared with fellow eyes (8 eyes) of unilateral patients with PCG and healthy controls (12 eyes) on ASOCT. The DM morphology was also compared on the histopathology of corneal tissues (9) obtained from PCG eyes after keratoplasty and enucleated eyes of retinoblastoma (6 controls) on light microscopy with immunostaining for collagen IV. RESULTS: On ASOCT, all affected eyes showed the presence of either a thickened DM complex or a hyper-reflective double layer representing the thickened DM and pre-Descemet layer (PDL), unlike a single membrane in the controls and fellow eyes. On ASOCT, among patients with PCG, the DM showed significant thickening (32.0 ± 11.2 μm) versus fellow eyes (14.4 ± 3.3 μm) and controls (11.5 ± 1 μm) (P < 0.001; analysis of variance). The thickened DM complex continued peripherally into the trabecular meshwork as an abnormal membrane in 16/22 affected eyes. On histopathology, thickening of DM was also more among PCG eyes (median: 67.9 μm range: 27.2-214.9) versus controls (median: 27.7 μm, range: 22.1-36.1; P = 0.005) as also of PDL (median: 14 μm, range: 5.9-30.5) of PCG versus (median 3.5, range: 1.3-6.7 μm) in controls; P = 0.014. CONCLUSIONS: Thickening of DM and PDL occurs in eyes with PCG and is seen to have a peripheral extension upto the angle recess.

Glaucoma Services, Dr Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

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9.1.1 Congenital glaucoma, Buphthalmos (Part of: 9 Clinical forms of glaucomas > 9.1 Developmental glaucomas)
2.2 Cornea (Part of: 2 Anatomical structures in glaucoma)

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