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82197 Childhood Glaucoma: Long-Term Outcomes of Glaucoma Drainage Device Implantation Within the First 2 Years of Life
Daniel MC
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 28: 878-883
82507 Three-year outcomes of Descemet's stripping endothelial keratoplasty in eyes with pre-existing glaucoma drainage devices
Hernstadt DJ
Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 54: 577-584
82884 Real-World Retrospective Consecutive Study of Ab Interno XEN 45 Gel Stent Implant with Mitomycin C in Black and Afro-Latino Patients with Glaucoma: 40% Required Secondary Glaucoma Surgery at 1 Year
Laroche D
Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 26: 229-234
82128 Long-term Clinical Outcomes of Ahmed and Baerveldt Drainage Device Surgery for Pediatric Glaucoma Following Cataract Surgery
Esfandiari H
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 28: 865-870
82062 Outcomes of Descemet Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty in Eyes With Pars Plana Versus Anterior Chamber Glaucoma Drainage Devices
Kang JJ
Cornea 2019; 38: 1364-1369
82375 Effect of glaucoma drainage implant surgery on corneal topography: a prospective study
Koivusalo R
Acta Ophthalmologica 2019; 0:
82112 Bilateral consecutive Xen gel stent surgery during pregnancy for uncontrolled early-onset primary open angle glaucoma
Zehavi-Dorin T
American journal of ophthalmology case reports 2019; 15: 100510
82445 One-Year Outcomes of Second-Generation Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stents (iStent Inject) Implantation with Cataract Surgery in Different Glaucoma Subtypes and Severities
Salimi A
Ophthalmology and therapy 2019; 8: 563-575
82690 Reoperation rates after Ex-PRESS versus trabeculectomy for primary open-angle or normal-tension glaucoma: a national database study in Japan
Hashimoto Y
Eye 2019; 0:
82246 Real-world Case Series of iStent or iStent inject Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stents Combined with Cataract Surgery
Manning D
Ophthalmology and therapy 2019; 8: 549-561
82380 Ab interno canaloplasty combined with trabecular bypass stenting in eyes with primary open-angle glaucoma
Heersink M
Clinical Ophthalmology 2019; 13: 1533-1542
81957 Long-term outcome of low-cost glaucoma drainage device (Aurolab aqueous drainage implant) compared with Ahmed glaucoma valve
Pandav SS
British Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 0:
82142 Effect of Topical Corticosteroids on Early Postoperative Intraocular Pressure Following Combined Cataract and Trabecular Microbypass Surgery
Salimi A
Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2019; 35: 413-420
82806 Comparison Of Surgical Outcomes Between Excisional Goniotomy Using The Kahook Dual Blade And iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent In Combination With Phacoemulsification
Lee D
Clinical Ophthalmology 2019; 13: 2097-2102
82724 Trabeculectomy and EX-PRESS Implantation in Open-Angle Glaucoma: An Updated Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Sun Y
Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 2019: 2071506
82388 Trabecular micro-bypass stent implantation with cataract extraction in pigmentary glaucoma
Ferguson TJ
Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2020; 48: 37-43
82597 The STARflo™ glaucoma implant: a single-centre experience at 24 months
Fili S
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2019; 257: 2699-2706
81986 Bleb wall recession technique to repair giant bleb formation after Ahmed Glaucoma Valve implantation: a case report
Manabe K
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2019; 13: 211
82829 Which Patients Would Most Likely to Benefit: MIGS or MEGS, Which One Is It?
Sheheitli H
Asia-Pacific journal of ophthalmology (Philadelphia, Pa.) 2019; 8: 436-440
82009 A Case of Uveitis-Hyphema-Glaucoma Syndrome Due to EX-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device Implantation
Hou A
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 28: e159-e161
82228 Refractive outcomes after trabecular microbypass stent with cataract extraction in open-angle glaucoma
Scott RA
Clinical Ophthalmology 2019; 13: 1331-1340
82520 Tube Shunt Revision With Excision of Fibrotic Capsule Using Mitomycin C With and Without Ologen-a Collagen Matrix Implant: A 3-Year Follow-up Study
Salimi A
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 28: 989-996
82148 Safety and Effectiveness of CyPass Supraciliary Micro-Stent in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: 5-Year Results from the COMPASS XT Study
Reiss G
American Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 208: 219-225
82126 Twelve-month efficacy and safety of glaucoma filtration device for surgery in patients with normal-tension glaucoma
Aihara M
Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology 2019; 63: 402-409
82451 Trabeculectomy with Ologen® implant and bevacizumab
Glandorf K
Ophthalmologe 2019; 0:

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