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82689 Clinical implications of recent advances in primary open-angle glaucoma genetics
Choquet H; Wiggs JL; Khawaja AP
Eye 2020; 34: 29-39 (IGR: 20-4)

77911 A multiethnic genome-wide association study of primary open-angle glaucoma identifies novel risk loci
Choquet H; Paylakhi S; Kneeland SC; Thai KK; Hoffmann TJ; Yin J; Kvale MN; Banda Y; Tolman NG; Williams PA; Schaefer C; Melles RB; Risch N; John SWM; Nair KS; Jorgenson E
Nature communications 2018; 9: 2278 (IGR: 19-4)

75506 A large multi-ethnic genome-wide association study identifies novel genetic loci for intraocular pressure
Choquet H; Thai KK; Yin J; Hoffmann TJ; Kvale MN; Banda Y; Schaefer C; Risch N; Nair KS; Melles R; Jorgenson E
Nature communications 2017; 8: 2108 (IGR: 19-2)

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