Your Special Attention For IGR 20-4

Scleral structure and biomechanics

Boote C, Sigal IA, Grytz R, Hua Y, Nguyen TD, Girard MJA
Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 2020; 74: 100773

Abstract no. 82225

Update on the genetics of primary open-angle glaucoma

Youngblood H, Hauser MA, Liu Y
Experimental Eye Research 2019; 188: 107795

Abstract no. 82427

Review of the measurement and management of 24-hour intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma

Mansouri K, Tanna AP, De Moraes CG, Camp AS, Weinreb RN
Survey of Ophthalmology 2020; 65: 171-186

Abstract no. 82645

Which patients would most likely to benefit: MIGS or MEGS, which one is it?

Sheheitli H, Tirpack AR, Parrish RK
Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology (Philadelphia, Pa.) 2019; 8: 436-440

Abstract no. 82829

Latest developments in normal-pressure glaucoma: Diagnosis, epidemiology, genetics, etiology, causes and mechanisms to management

Lee JWY, Chan PP, Zhang X, Chen LJ, Jonas JB
Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology (Philadelphia, Pa.) 2019; 8: 457-468

Abstract no. 82830

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