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Longitudinal Analysis of Bruch Membrane Opening Morphometry in Myopic Glaucoma

Bhalla M; Heisler M; Han SX; Sarunic MV; Beg MF; Mackenzie PJ; Lee S
Journal of Glaucoma 2019; 28: 889-895

: PRéCIS: The Bruch membrane opening (BMO) was posteriorly bowed and the degree of nonplanarity increased in stable and progressive glaucoma subjects. BMO became more posterior relative to the Bruch membrane (BM) in control and both stable and progressive glaucoma subjects. PURPOSE: To investigate longitudinal changes in morphologic characteristics of the BMO in control and glaucomatous subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 53 myopic eyes (17 control, 6 suspect, 20 stable glaucoma, and 10 progressing glaucoma) were followed for an average of 4.2±1.4 years and imaged at the baseline and 2 follow-up appointments using a 1060 nm swept-source optical coherence tomography system. BM and BMO were segmented, and 4 morphometric BMO parameters (area, ellipse ratio, nonplanarity, and depth) were measured. RESULTS: There were no significant changes in BMO area or ellipse ratio for all groups. BMO nonplanarity was shown to increase in the glaucoma groups. BMO depth relative to BM increased in all groups except the suspects (control: 8.1 µm/y, P=0.0001; stable glaucoma: 3.5 µm/y, P=0.0001; progressing glaucoma: 14.0 µm/y, P=0.0026). In linear mixed-model analysis, axial length was positively associated with BMO area in all groups except for progressing glaucoma, and with BMO nonplanarity in stable glaucoma. It was not a significant factor to the slopes of the BMO parameters in the ANCOVA analysis of slopes. CONCLUSIONS: Longitudinally, BMO increased in nonplanarity in the glaucoma eyes, and its axial position relative to BM became more posterior in both control and glaucoma eyes.

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