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Comparative Quantitative Analysis of Porcine Optic Nerve Head and Retina Subproteomes

Funke S; Schmelter C; Markowitsch SD; Perumal N; Heyne JC; Bell K; Pfeiffer N; Grus FH
International journal of molecular sciences 2019; 20:

Optic nerve head (ONH) and retina (RET) are the main sites of damage in neurodegenerative optic neuropathies including glaucoma. Up to date, little is known about the molecular interplay between these two adjoining ocular components in terms of proteomics. To close this gap, we investigated ONH and RET protein extracts derived from porcine eyes ( = 12) ( Linnaeus 1758) using semi-quantitative mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics comprising bottom-up LC-ESI MS/MS and targeted SPE-MALDI-TOF MS analysis. In summary, more than 1600 proteins could be identified from the ONH/RET tissue complex. Moreover, ONH and RET displayed tissue-specific characteristics regarding their qualitative and semi-quantitative protein compositions. Gene ontology (GO)-based functional and protein-protein interaction analyses supported a close functional connection between the metabolic-related RET and the structural-associated ONH subproteomes, which could be affected under disease conditions. Inferred from the MS findings, stress-associated proteins including clusterin, ceruloplasmin, and endoplasmin can be proposed as extracellular mediators of the ONH/ RET proteome interface. In conclusion, ONH and RET show obvious proteomic differences reflecting characteristic functional features which have to be considered for future protein biomarker profiling studies.

Experimental and Translational Ophthalmology, University Medical Center, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, 55131 Mainz, Germany.

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