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Severity of Visual Field Loss at First Presentation to Glaucoma Clinics in England and Tanzania

Jones PR; Philippin H; Makupa WU; Burton MJ; Crabb DP
Ophthalmic Epidemiology 2020; 27: 10-18

: To compare severity of visual field (VF) loss at first presentation in glaucoma clinics in England and Tanzania.: Large archives of VF records from automated perimetry were used to retrospectively examine vision loss at first presentation in glaucoma clinics in Tanzania (N = 1,502) and England (N = 9,264). Mean deviation (MD) of the worse eye at the first hospital visit was used as an estimate of detectable VF loss severity.: In Tanzania, 44.7% {CI: 42.2, 47.2} of patients presented with severe VF loss (< -20 dB), versus 4.6% {4.1, 5.0} in England. If we consider late presentation to also include cases of advanced loss (-12.01 dB to -20 dB), then the proportion of patients presenting late was 58.1% {55.6, 60.6} and 14.0% {13.3, 14.7}, respectively. The proportion of late presentations was greater in Tanzania at all ages, but the difference was particularly pronounced among working-age adults, with 50.3% {46.9, 53.7} of 18-65-year-olds presenting with advanced or severe VF loss, versus 10.2% {9.3, 11.3} in England. In both countries, men were more likely to present late than women.: Late presentation of glaucoma is a problem in England, and an even greater challenge in Tanzania. Possible solutions are discussed, including increased community eye-care, and a more proactive approach to case finding through the use of disruptive new technologies, such as low-cost, portable diagnostic aids.

Division of Optometry and Visual Science, School of Health Science, City, University of London, London, England.

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