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25138 Central and Peripheral Visual Impairment and the Risk of Falls and Falls with Injury
Patino CM; McKean-Cowdin R; Azen SP; Allison JC; Choudhury F; Varma R Los Angeles Latino Eye Study Group
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 199-206
25243 Screening for Glaucoma in High-Risk Populations Using Optical Coherence Tomography
Li G; Fansi AK; Boivin JF; Joseph L; Harasymowycz P
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 453-461
25130 Quantitative iris parameters and association with narrow angles
Wang B; Sakata LM; Friedman DS; Chan YH; He M; Lavanya R; Wong TY; Aung T
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 11-17
25137 Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure in Glaucoma A Prospective Study
Ren R; Jonas JB; Tian G; Zhen Y; Ma K; Li S; Wang H; Li B; Zhang X; Wang N
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 259-266
25127 The ability of short-wavelength automated perimetry to predict conversion to glaucoma
van der Schoot J; Reus NJ; Colen TP; Lemij HG
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 30-34
25122 Correlation of Disc Morphology Quantified on Stereophotographs to Results by Heidelberg Retina Tomograph II, GDx Variable Corneal Compensation, and Visual Field Tests
Saito H; Tsutsumi T; Iwase A; Tomidokoro A; Araie M
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 282-289
25135 Comparison of the Diagnostic Capability of the Heidelberg Retina Tomographs 2 and 3 for Glaucoma in the Indian Population
Rao HL; Babu GJ; Sekhar GC
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 275-281
25136 Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Imaging with Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography A Study on Diagnostic Agreement with Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph
Leung CK; Ye C; Weinreb RN; Cheung CY; Qiu Q; Liu S; Xu G; Lam DS
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 267-274
25133 Diagnostic Ability of Heidelberg Retina Tomography in Detecting Glaucoma in a Population Setting The Singapore Malay Eye Study
Zheng Y; Wong TY; Lamoureux E; Mitchell P; Loon SC; Saw SM; Aung T
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 290-297
25131 Optical coherence tomography quantitative analysis of iris volume changes after pharmacologic mydriasis
Aptel F; Denis P
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 3-10
25128 Factors affecting rates of visual field progression in glaucoma patients with optic disc hemorrhage
Prata TS; De Moraes CG; Teng CC; Tello C; Ritch R; Liebmann JM
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 24-29
25244 Agreement for Detecting Glaucoma Progression with the GDx Guided Progression Analysis, Automated Perimetry, and Optic Disc Photography
Alencar LM; Zangwill LM; Weinreb RN; Bowd C; Vizzeri G; Sample PA; Susanna R Jr; Medeiros FA
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 462-470
25245 Simvastatin and Disease Stabilization in Normal Tension Glaucoma: A Cohort Study
Leung DY; Li FC; Kwong YY; Tham CC; Chi SC; Lam DS
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 471-476
25247 The Incidence of Retinal Vein Occlusion in the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study
Barnett EM; Fantin A; Wilson BS; Kass MA; Gordon MO Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study Group
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 484-488
25246 Chronic Kidney Disease and Intraocular Pressure The Singapore Malay Eye Study
Nongpiur ME; Wong TY; Sabanayagam C; Lim SC; Tai ES; Aung T
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 477-483
25129 Moving the goal posts definitions of success after glaucoma surgery and their effect on reported outcome
Rotchford AP; King AJ
Ophthalmology 2010; 117: 18-23

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